Development and prototype of a new sustainable material and sneaker concept.

The innovative product design focused on sustainable developments for the footwear in- dustry.

The newly orange leather and the sneaker made from it were developed by myself as part of this project.

The material is biodegradable and made from orange peels, which are a waste product of the juice industry. The shoe was manufactured without the use of chemicals and adhesives and is fully biodegradable.

July 2018

Master project

textile network 03/2019
designreport 1/2019
Welt am Sonntag Dec 2018
Book: Materials in Progress by Sascha Peters

Subcontractor Sweden 2018

Expo Peking 2019

Interzum Cologne 2019

TEXTILEPOP - NRW-Forum Düsseldorf 2019



Biomaterial development

The BeNature range of materials was developed as part of the Master‘s research project. Ten different, biodegradable materials made from pure natural substances have been created. To demonstrate one possible application, cases were made from the materials.

The work is aimed at efficient resource management and demonstrates a holistic approach. The work also provides prospects for use in the automotive and architecture sectors.


Master's research work

(M.Sc. textile engineering)


TEXTILEPOP - NRW-Forum Düsseldorf 2019

INTERZUM Cologne 2019



Design and product development of backpacks made from old artworks Collaboration with artist Malte van de Water


StudioBags - Selected paintings by artist Malte van de Water from Düsseldorf have been transformed into unique backpacks.

The modern acrylic-on-canvas art serves as a surface material and makes each piece unique.

The motifs are characterised by graphic art in symbiosis with classical painting.
The functional and purist design prioritises the painting and shows a new way of upcycling art.

Malte van de Water



Design and Product Development

Sustainable materials and a fair production were the key points of the accessory label marilis.

As designer and product developer I created various products such as bags, mobile phone accessories and jewelry.

In collaboration with women‘s organisations in Nepal and Myanmar the products were fair made under controlled conditions.

Marilis GmbH Düsseldorf



Sustainable material development and product design

A new and sustainable biomaterial was developed as part of the master‘s thesis. It consists of natural materials that have not been used before. The recyclable material made from ginkgo leaves is biodegradable and impresses with its natural appearance.

The material was used to develop a modular lighting concept that offers a holistic approach to resource-saving product development.

The aim of the work is to sensitize society‘s relationship with nature and to establish new sustainable materials.


Master thesis

(M.Sc. textile engineering)



The bachelor‘s thesis „BRICKED“ focuses on the historical development of the textile industry in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The history and buildings of the textile industry were analyzed and translated. The resulting photo series of still existing buildings served as the basis for textile patterns.

The patterns were transferred on jersey and processed into a sports collection. It serves as a concept for the preservation of industrial buildings and the textile history of NRW.

The textile printing was done in cooperation with Epson.


Bachelor's thesis

(B.Sc. design and textile engineering)


TEXTILEPOP - NRW-Forum Düsseldorf 2019


Transfer of the global bee mortality to textile and automotive patterns

The BeeAttentive project highlights the global issue of bee mortality. The textile patterns were digitally created and printed on fabrics by using sublimation printing techniques. The outfit was presented in February 2017 at the Avantex fashion show in Paris.

The global topic of bee mortality was transferred for the Epson Automotive Award and reinterpreted for a technical pattern for an electric car wrapping. The design won the Epson Automotive Design Award and was realized for the BMW i3.


Avantex Paris 2017

Epson Automotive Design Award Winner